Skilled Nurse Facilities For Non Acute Patients

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Skilled Nursing facility(SNFs) serve patients requiring preventive, therapeutic, and rehabilitative nursing care services for non-acute, long-term conditions. Specialized clinical and diagnostic services are obtained outside the nursing home. Most residents are frail and aged and often use canes, walkers, or wheelchairs. Nursing homes also care for a smaller percentage of restorative patients of all ages like a rehabilitation and other residents are in long-term recovery from acute illnesses, but no longer require hospitalization. This Skilled Nursing facility has a living area, an open kitchen, and a single dining table accommodating both residents and staff and for recreation, meetings, and meals, specially trained certified nursing…show more content…
This facility promotes the traditional residential qualities of privacy, choice, control, and personalization of one 's immediate surroundings. Our goals to engage residents in activities and schedules designed for diminishing mental skills are comforting. In the memory care, we will set the details like a memory box, where a resident can store photos, personal items, and cherished that moment. This Skilled nursing facilities provide two distinct types of care for residents that are a long-term care for older residents with irreversible functional and cognitive deficits and sub-acute care for patients who require a short admission to complete their rehabilitation and to regain their functional strength before returning to their independent living. As we know, older residents are susceptible to infections because of multi-morbidity, greater severity of illness, functional impairment, cognitive impairment, incontinence, and the presence of frequent short-term and long-term indwelling device use such as urinary catheters and feeding tubes. For infection prevention control program, an effective infection prevention program includes a method of surveillance for infections and antimicrobial-resistant pathogens, an outbreak control plan for epidemics, isolation and standard precautions, hand hygiene, staff education, an employee health program, a resident health program, policy formation and periodic review with audits, and a policy
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