Skilled Trade In High School

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Choosing a high school can be stressful considering the number of choices these days. However, there are many advantages to picking a connecticut technical high school to study a skilled trade. furthermore, there are more jobs available to graduates of skilled trade programs than to a college graduate. choosing an education in the skilled trade helps the person who choose the trade, their family, and the economy. If someone were to choose a skilled trade they would have little to no debt compared to if they choose collage. most people who go to college need to take out student loans. however if the person were to choose a skilled trade they would have little to no debt. “”The student loans would be ridiculous,” Hughes says during a break from class. “The schools I was looking at ... were like $40,000 a year.” In the long run she thought that was just too much.”not having student loans is very Having less debt means…show more content…
A skilled trade education help achieve this buy allowing you to rise through the ranks. "You can get a particular skill in a particular field and make more than a college graduate," he says. For example, he says the average electrician makes $5,000 a year more than the average college's good return on investment. Having a higher pay is great for anyone. People with more money buy more expensive things, which furthers the economy. High school is the first step on a journey towards adulthood by teaching young americans how to function in society. many dreams can only happen with the proper amount of money, like buying a sports car or living in a mansion. Connecticut Technical High schools make dreams happen by providing the with the skills that will allow them have a career. A.I. Prince Technical High School can help make dreams happen by supplying students with the proper training they need in their adult life. High school is only the beginning of a person's adult
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