Skills And Attributes Of An Effective Manager

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I believe, that this class’ DQs were design to outline and gives some insides of useful skills and attributes of an effective manager. From these excises, I learned that an effective manager takes responsibility for ensuring that each individual within his department succeeds and that the team or business unit achieves results.
Successful managers require both talent and skill. Managerial skills can be developed through training, mentoring, and experience. To be a manager you need to develop your own set of principles to guide your professional practice. It takes the right personality in leadership, communication, empathy and understanding, fairness, accountability, and positive attitude as pointed out in DQ 5, 10, and 11. Your personality is essentially the result of the way your temperament interacts with a given situation.
A good communication is necessary in everyday life, but it is even more meaningful in the organization trying to run smooth operation. A manager with strong communication skills is able to instruct as well as he listens. Managers who can communicate effectively can process information and then relate it back to their teams clearly. Effective managers should be able to understand, decipher, and relate the organization 's vision back to their employees in order to maintain productivity. As a manager, your personal approach to people and tasks in a leadership role impacts how you lead, motivate, and treat workers. Effective leaders naturally want to…
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