Skills And Professional Education Requirements

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As a teacher, I have to be a proficient in the familiarity of my teaching areas, and be expert enough to be able to explain and teach them. As a former student, I recognise that I should training the techniques of teaching in order to advance my skills, however, if I get diverse and a lot of experience, it does not really matter because there are continuously new techniques developments, new ideas and new technologies out there for me to use and pick up to improve my future teaching. To guarantee I can find alternate pedagogies, I have to stay to involve in engaging skills and professional learning.
The AITSL’s standards arrange for a set of principles that are essential to recognising professional education requirements. During the professional experience I was always evaluated myself compared to AITSL’s standards, in order to clarify areas for improvement, as well recognising advances my skills. Being evaluated compared to AITSL’s standards three times sixty days has been a concrete way for my supervised teacher to communicative my strengths and weakness areas for development. My reflective progression has assisted me to obviously recognise areas for upcoming professional education.
During the course of four years studies, and through the professional experience, I involved in diverse activities of professional improvement. Some examples are below.
I attended a professional engagement meeting regarding the ‘Essential Skills of Classroom Management Overview’ (ESCM) being
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