Skills And Smart Goals Develop Better Time Management

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Skills and SMART Goals to Develop Better Time Management While trying to identify the area in which I felt I needed the most improvement, I came across several areas that I thought needed improvement. I was able to group these several areas that need improvement into one topic, which is time management. Becoming better at managing my time will help me significantly during nursing school, in my personal life, and in the work place after graduation. I have identified three skills to focus on in order to improve my time management. These skills include: decreasing procrastination behaviors, more effective planning and prioritizing, and lastly rewarding myself after goals have been achieved.
Decreasing Procrastination Behaviors Throughout my academic career I have always been a procrastinator. I am the stereotypical procrastinator in which I know that I have weeks before an assignment is due, however, I will wait until just days before the due- date to start and finish the assignment. I have always felt that I needed to “feel the pressure” before I started an assignment in order to keep my full attention. I have been aware of this behavior for several years, and I have taken small steps to decrease procrastination, but I still do it to this day. I have also always felt that this procrastination behavior has limited my full potential, specifically in my academics. However, like most self- defeating behaviors, identifying the problem is the first step and I am taking a more…
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