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Wk2AssgnJLayman: Skills and Style Survey
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Ph.D. Public Policy and Administration

This is an introduction to the Skills Inventory introduced in Chapter 3 of the textbook “Leadership: Theory and Practice” by Peter Northouse, a tool by which one can measure leadership strengths in three major skill areas, Technical, Human & Conceptual (Northouse, 2016). An additional introduction is made to the Leadership Behavior Questionnaire, which measures the type of leadership behavior style one is most likely to practice, the task style or the degree to which you define the roles of others, or the relationship style -the degree to which you attempt to make others feel at ease (2016). Upon taking these two assessments, the responses when combined will indicate my personal leadership philosophy. When analyzed in conjunction with Katz’ Three-Skill Approach, the outcome should be in alignment with the experiential and educational leadership background I possess thus far (Katz, 1955). Leadership Skills Inventory The leadership skills inventory is a series of eighteen questions that assess three broad areas of leadership skills, technical, human and conceptual (Northouse, 2016). Scoring of the inventory is interpreted by a score ranging in either the high, moderate or low range. According to Katz, it is important for a leader to possess some combination of skills from each of these categories, however, the higher up the manager, the more
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