Skills For Visual And Written Analysis

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Skills for visual and written analysis have emerged to be a central debate in different art societies. Writing about art has materialized to become a variable way to practice cultural, social, economic and political aspects. Precisely, a personal response to an art piece increases the understanding of the piece of art. As such, the role of individuals such as curators has become essential in improving the understanding of art. Evidence has proved that visual art has far reaching impact in reading, writing, geometry and science. Visual art creates an innate mental ability that envisions forms and observe closely different skills. Precisely, visual art is seen as a cultural vehicle that helps culture to share ideas. The incoming report investigates the works of Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres 29 August 1780 – 14 January 1867, who was NeoClassical painter. Ingres images perpetuate an alluring and rather misleading image of the orient. The report will compare a variety of images to provide a more truthful understanding of the Near East culture. Background Orientalism is notable given that it improved the 19th-century architecture and decorative art that had a significant influence on the nature of painting, and graphic arts with photography. The research will examine Ingres works by drawing an open ended approach to art. Critical emphasis will prove that the works established a new kind of totality, and a variation that embraced everything from a crude preliminary sketch to the
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