Skills Gaps in America's Work Force Essay

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Current Event: Week 2

Current Event Article: Skill Gaps in America’s Work Force
Jess Tourville
Endicott College

October 13, 2013
Managerial Economics
Richard Weissman
In the well written article Stubborn Skills Gap in America’s Work Force, the author Eduardo Porter describes how fictitious the idea of workers in America really is. When asking President Obama which country develops and breads the most skilled work force he said hands down the United States. Obama’s direct words about the work force were “more productive than any on earth” and they “build better products than anybody else.” Even the less boisterous Republicans were sure American workers could surpass any competition on any
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However, Americans skills are still in the same place and have not gotten stronger or shown any sign of trying to improve. The demand for better education and stronger skilled applicants is constantly growing in all advanced nations, but the supply for this demand is not coming from the United States.
Regardless of the lack of supply provided by America, their highly skilled workers who do exist earn a much larger wage premium than unskilled workers in all other advanced nations. To summarize today’s economy; “the American labor market is good at attracting talented foreigners, offering them more money than they make elsewhere.” This is not the way to improve the education and skill level of workers in America but it’s a solution for companies to sustain their business process and continue to generate revenue. If they can hire 3 people from another country for the same salary as one American, it makes sense from a business standpoint to be more productive for less money. The United States was the first country to provide for universal high school education but now 1 in every 5 high-school students leave without a diploma. Across the board America is below other nations as far as education and development in the work place, not only are there minimal qualified applicants for jobs but when they do get hired
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