Skills Needed to Be an Effective Manager

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The Problem and Its Background

Introduction This chapter discussed the awareness of the students of Arellano University Jose Abad Santos Campus in regards to the skills needed to become an effective manager, it emphasizes the technical, human and conceptual skills that has more important to the managers to manage a certain department.
Hospitality Industry is broad and diverse; organizations within it share some things in common. One is the need for staff members with a variety of knowledge, skills and experience to produce the products and services that are needed or desired by consumers. Each job has specific requirements. Anyone who is capable of meeting those requirements become effective in job performance. These
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What are the demographic profile of the respondents in terms of: 2.1 Age 2.2 Gender 2.3 Year Level 2. How aware the students on the skills needed to be an effective manager

3.4 Technical Skills

3.5 Human Skills

3.6 Conceptual Skills

3. How do the students agree on the skills and knowledge provided by the University. 4.7 Academic

4.8 Competitions/Events

4. What are the programs offered by the school that will enhance the

Knowledge and skills of the students?.

5.9 Trainings

5.10 Conventions/Seminars

5. Conclusions/Recommendations
_____ 5.1 Conducting team building that will enable the students to develop
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