Skills Required for Effective Time Management Essay

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Time management is a key essential that ensures any working environment runs efficiently and smoothly, without it there is no structure to your working day. If time management can be mastered then your workload can be achieved successfully. In this essay I will examine a number of the skills required for effective time management.

Planning is of the utmost importance in time management, without it we don?t have a clear vision of what needs to be achieved and within what time frame. It is therefore vital that this is the first step, and in order to ensure you cover all areas that require your attention.

Planning your day or week can be daunting to many people. Some managers are born to it and some will struggle. To
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Assertiveness can sometimes lead to aggression if not controlled, therefore practise is required to prevent this. This sometimes can be a struggle for the manager to achieve, especially if they are naturally easy going and have learned that being passive avoids confrontation. Managers who can achieve this quality of assertiveness will find that they are more efficient and their confidence will be enhanced. With this skill, productivity within the workplace should increase, leading to better communication between work colleagues. Managers will also be able to deal with and reduce procrastination within the office, which if not dealt with will lead to lack of interest for those important goals that have to be achieved during a given timescale.

Good performance through praise.

Giving praise can lead to improved morale and increased output within an office environment. All improved performances whether it is by either junior, middle or senior managers must all start with clear goals. In order to ensure this happens, it is wise to adopt the acronym SMART.

· S specific
· M measurable
· A attainable
· R relevant
· T time specific

Goals within any department should be up front so that both parties agree with what they are responsible for, in order to ensure that the desired result is achieved. You don?t want to start off with what you think
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