Skills and Career Pathways in Hair Styling

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Skills and Career Pathways in Hair Styling Abstract There is a wealth of opportunities for students interested in cosmetology, and specifically those interested in hair. There are career opportunities for people interested in the science, the health, and the aesthetics of human hair. Of the many career opportunities available, the three of focus for this paper will be a hair stylist in the film and/or fashion industry; a cosmetic scientist that specializes in hair; and the executive producer of an international hair show. Keywords: hair styling, hair dressing, cosmetology, cosmetic science, dermatology, industry, fashion, film, show, research Skills and Career Pathways in Hair Styling Part A Human beings are concerned with and influenced by aesthetics. For many people, their appearance directly relates to the state of their self-esteem. People believe that if they look good, they will feel good. Exceptional amounts of money are spent each year on hair care products and hair care advertisements. Celebrities, upon whom many cultures are fixated, are often celebrated and desire for their hairstyles. In magazines, there are often articles that showcase a collage/montage of celebrity photos, showcasing their hair styles and providing instructions to consumers so that they may mimic the celebrity style of their choice. Hair care and hair dressing is much more than the styling of the hair, though that is a fundamental part of the industry. Hair styling, or hair

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