Skills and Requirements of Professional Educators

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Introduction: An educator is an individual whose work is to pass the required information to the students. A professional educator is effective in all they do and is responsible for the creation of an interactive learning environment. To do this, an educator should understand the requirements needed to satisfy the goals and objectives of their curriculums as well as the content. As much as the work of an educator is to disseminate the required information to the students, they also ensure that all the expectations of these students are met and if possible exceeded. An educator uses a variety of teaching strategies which includes classroom management to ensure that the purpose of education is achieved. In this paper, I will demonstrate…show more content…
A professional educator understands that different factors or a combination of some factors influence his students differently depending on their personalities. For example, a student may be motivated when he is subjected to a challenge while another may be motivated through the competition by comparing their performance with that of their colleagues. Intrinsic motivation help the students be self motivated thus have the self drive to improve on their performance. Above all, an educator understands that students have different skills and abilities and that their growth also varies. To bring all students at par, the educator employs different strategies of motivation. These strategies include the use of technology, visual aids, critical thinking questions, use of rewards and making the students know that what they are learning is what happens in the real world. The use of technology like the computer and the internet give students access to more information at a shorter period than they would have if they were to depend on books and lecture notes. In critical thinking there is no right or wrong question. Critical thinking allow individuals to express themselves thus eliminating the possibility of them mastering facts that they have been taught in class. Conclusion: An effective educator understands the principles of effective education by taking care of all aspects of the content to be covered, the student and the educator themselves. The educator should be
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