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IMPORTANT SKILLS FOR WORKPLACE Important skills for the workplace today Nguyen Dang Dinh Van Kaplan University Dip FM 1888. Class 18B SSPDP Ms. Deepa Pillai September 30, 2010 Important skills for the workplace today Nowadays, workers are being requested getting more and more challenges and difficulties in every aspects of working environments. Employers are looking to people who have special skills which can apply directly to many different tasks. Therefore, people have been competed to figure out and practice their personal skills since they are still in the college. There are many important skills for the workplace but I would to say that not all skills are useful for different kinds of jobs. So, they need to…show more content…
To solve these problems, adaptation is a significant factor. Workers will need to use adaptation skills to respect and accept other people lives. When they can adapt the differences from others, they know how to change their perspectives and appreciate others abilities(“Internet data” 2010). For example, a group of workers are doing a project. They come from different countries with different styles, cultures and religions. They must avoid making any discrimination to each others. So, in this situation they need adaptation skills. It will help you to accept and work well with others. Each person must change their perspectives a bit to link with others. Just when they can do that, they can have a good expectation about their project. They use adaptation skills to have better quality in their jobs. And that’s why workers with adaptation skills will be looked by employers. On the other hand, how students can improve this skill is also a topic that has been widely discussed. Personally, I think college is very good place to practice adaptation skills because there are many different kinds of people in the college. It means they need to learn to adapt different styles from friends, classmates or teachers. Everyone can’t enforce others to follow them. But when they try to understand and adapt others styles by a right way which also can call one kind of practicing adaptation skills such as different teachers have different
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