Skills in Employees and Managers

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1)Transferring More than Learned in Training: Employees’ and managers’ (over)generalization of skills Introduction: this article aims to tell about the different personality traits of individuals which lead them to show improvement on untrained content after training on self reported training transfer. This article is based on conduct of 2 studies in the first study was aimed to examine the personality traits and skills that cause the improvement on untrained content after training by using field study. In 2nd study specific personality dimensions were examined which were responsible for improvement after training for the content that was not learned during training by the supervisors and managers through using field test.  Different personality traits of individuals also cause individuals to respond improvement on content that is not learned in training on self reported transfer of training. Literature Review: The participants who are high on conscientiousness, agreeableness, and emotional stability dimensions of personality are more likely to show improvement on content not learned during training in training transfer.( Dan S. Chiaburu*, Katina B. Sawyer** and Christian N.Thoroughgood) Conscientiousness is the driving force for overgeneralization on training transfer(S. Chiaburu*, Katina B. Sawyer** and Christian N.Thoroughgood). 2) The impact of practical relevance on training transfer: evidence from a service quality training program for German bank clerks. This study
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