Skills of Management

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Skills of management Introduction In the management process, there is an array of activities carried out. These activities are centered on the practice of coordination so as to achieve the predefined objectives of an individual or an organization. Management is the practice of organizing and strategizing the available resources and personnel as well as the machinery and skills to work towards a specified goal (Rees & Porter, 2008). It is entirely about getting results from activities undertaken. Management is both a science and an art as it is the means by which the organization or group achieves the target. It is a field that emerged in response to when the definition of knowledge practically changed into a skewed definition rather that rational. Hence management is a creative and systematic course of knowledge practiced in generating results using individual and other resources efficiently and effectively. Management as a continuum is wide and has hence been broken into branches such as strategic management, operations, time and crisis, financial and marketing management among others (Rees & Porter, 2008). As a result, the need for specialization by managers into the various fields arises. The significance of management in the view of an organization's perspective has tremendously increased. This is so because through the process organizations can execute their policies and stratagem to maximize on profits and offer best services and products to customers. The
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