Skin Cancer In Schools

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guidelines on how skin cancer can be prevented in early childhood and among juveniles and in 2012 CDC published a set of guidelines to be used in school programs in order to prevent the occurrence of skin cancer. These guidelines outlined the steps that the schools and communities can undertake in order to come up with a comprehensive approach aimed at minimizing risks associated with skin cancer among teachers, students, school staff members, visitors and the whole community at large. Some of these guidelines included the following: Schools were required to come up with a policy that ensured there is a reduction in the exposure to the solar ultraviolet radiation. The schools were also required to provide as well as maintain social and physical environments that were capable of supporting sun safety practices (CDC. (2014, March 20). This involved building of shades around the school compounds especially in areas where students and teachers spent their leisure time while in school. The guidelines highlighted in this strategy also required that schools…show more content…
The Burning Truth initiative aimed at providing people with new information that they didn’t know about and in particular concerning skin cancer. This initiative goal was to encourage people to maintain the health and beauty of their skins by avoiding exposing their skins to tanning beds as well as ultraviolent solar radiations. In addition, the Burning Truth Initiative the existing misconceptions would be eliminated therefore making sure that people were more informed and knowledgeable of the existing dangers of using tanning beds as well as the risks associated with ultraviolet radiations (CDC. (2014, March 20). The Burning Truth Initiative is another example of some of the initiative or strategies that have been applied by federal public health authorities in a bid to prevent skin cancer and lower the current prevalence rate of skin cancer in the United
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