Skin Cancer Teaching Plan

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Skin Cancer
Background: A 36year old Caucasian male who is a construction worker presented to his physician's office complaining of several moles on his scalp and face that were “changing.” The client noticed a color change on the moles and states "they've increased in size". The borders on the facial moles are irregular. In addition; he states "the mole on his scalp is the worst". One half does not look equal to the other half. The client states "the moles are very bothersome and they itch a lot".
Social History: Client did not finish high school; he has worked mediocre jobs since dropping out of school. The client is a poor historian and he can't say with certainty if he has a family cancer history. The client thinks that cancer
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Evaluation: Pt able to comprehend and read back material containing signs and symptoms of melanoma, pt able to describe the differences of the ABCDE rule. v. Maintaining Balanced Nutrition: It's important to maintain a balanced diet while recovering because nutrition is an essential tool to aid in cell production and recovery. Nutrients aid in Circulatory responses and recovery as well. We are what we eat.
Tools: Nurse will explain to patient/family the importance of a balanced meal in aiding with boosting the immune system. Nurse will also talk about foods that will aide in keeping a balanced meal. In addition, a consult for a nutritionist will be ordered. Evaluation: Patient/family will make a daily diet plan. The patient will be able to verbally give examples/ explain the importance of maintain a balance meal.

Skin Cancer

1. What are 2 treatment options used to treat skin cancer? a) Diet & exercise b) Personal therapy & Chemotherapy c) Freezing & Diet d) Chemotherapy & skin biopsy 2. What is a major cause of skin cancer? a) Exposure to toxic substances b) Poor diet c)
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