Skin Cream Philosophy

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The Philosophy Behind the Best Anti-Aging Skin Creams There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding discussions of anti-aging treatment. If you are interested in finding the best anti-aging skin creams for you, it is worthwhile to consider some of the aspects of what anti-aging means in this context, and how you can best affect a difference in your long-term health. First, it is important to understand that what is meant by anti-aging skin cream is not that it will treat aging like a disease. The process of aging is a natural one, and there is simply no product that will remedy age in the same way that you could treat an illness or an injury. If an anti-aging product is to provide you with results, it must understand that what it is working…show more content…
It is easy to imagine that products of this nature instead attend the symptoms of aging, but that is not strictly correct as well. Consider what aging does to your skin - it wrinkles, loosens, and becomes wearer and more prone to lasting damage. Though a cream could tend to these effects, softening and soothing injured skin, all this is doing is attending to the symptoms of aging effects, rather than the cure. Is there a balance between these two extremes? Fortunately for anti-aging skin cream, there is...the solution is to treat the effects of unnatural aging on the body. What is unnatural aging, exactly? You might be surprised to know that the aging processes within your body are irritated and sped up by a handful of factors. A build-up of free radicals in your body erode and damage cells. The natural oxidation process of your body is interfered with through unnatural chemicals from products and our pollution. The best anti-aging skin creams understand that aging isn't the issue, but unnatural aging, brought on by thousand negative factors. It's a shock to understand how much trauma our bodies go through based off our current environment, and how much of our aging processes, from deeply lined skin to irritated, rough patches, is simply a result of these
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