Skin To Skin Contact In The Delivery Room And Breastfeeding

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Skin to skin contact in the delivery room and breastfeeding are best for mothers and infant. Skin to skin contact helps mothers become confident with their infants, decreases the mother’s anxiety toward motherhood, helps produce more breast milk, and helps them become aware of their infant’s cues, not to mention an incredible lifelong bonding experience. As for the infant’s benefits of skin to skin contact, it helps with temperature regulation, stabilization of the heart rate, control of the infant’s blood sugar, and helps with weight gain. When initiating immediate skin to skin contact, infants should be placed on their mother’s chest for instinctive skills. The infant begins to smell their mother’s breast and look at their mother, which…show more content…
While skin to skin contact promotes bonding between mother and infant, skin to skin contact is very calming for infants. When the infants are calm, and breastfeeding reflexes are well developed, they latch more quickly, which help the mothers have positive maternal feelings. Immediate skin to skin contact between a mother and infant and early initiation of breastfeeding leads to improvement of breastfeeding outcomes.
The way we welcome infants into the world is very important because first impressions last a lifetime. Infants first experience out of the womb, they should feel welcome and safe, so where better to be then in the arms of their mother doing skin to skin contact immediately after birth.
With the first hour of life being so memorable, it is sometimes called the “Golden Hour”. The first hour is very cherished and protected by mothers as they hold their infants skin to skin and get to know their baby.
The first hour of life for an infant doing skin to skin contact with their mother provides warmth, protection, and nutrition. The closeness of being on the mother’s chest provides a continuation of hearing the mother’s heartbeat and voice. This is the one place an infant feels most content knowing all their needs are met.
Skin to skin contact immediately after birth provides comfort and stability for both mother and infant. Doing skin to skin contact immediately after birth in the
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