"Skipper" and "As Birds Bring Forth the Sun" Analysis

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In the short story “Skipper”, Aldan Nowlan introduces the protagonist, Skipper. Skipper’s mother Ethel yearns for a better life for her and her son outside of their mining community. In the short story “As Birds Bring Forth the Sun”, Alistair MacLeod introduces a young dog named cù mòr glas. Cù mòr glas is saved by a family man who lives by the sea. Aldan Nowlan’s “Skipper” and Alistair Macleod’s “As Birds Bring Forth the Sun” appear to have little in common, but both stories show the same series of events that lead to Skipper and cù mòr glas inflicting unintentional pain on their loved ones. Skipper and cù mòr glas are abandoned emotionally and physically and are both in need of love and affection. Skipper is abandoned by his father…show more content…
When the young cù mòr glas is run over by the “steel wheel of a horse-drawn cart”, the Man’s family members encourage that “her neck be broken” and her life be terminated (MacLeod 568). The Man makes it very clear that “he would not do it” and proceeds to bring cù mòr glas back to health and gives her the opportunity of life (MacLeod 568). Cù mòr glas shows her appreciation by following the Man wherever he goes. Both Skipper and cù mòr glas inflict unintentional emotional or physical pain on their loved ones. As Skipper gets older he starts hanging out with boys that “had left school and gone into the mill” (Nowlan 20). Ethel begins to notice a change in him, and her worries are confirmed when he “didn’t tell [the mill] yes and didn’t tell [the mill] no”, leading her to believe that Skipper would follow in the footsteps of his father and brothers (Nowlan 21). Skipper unintentionally let all of his mothers efforts go to waste not even realising all that she had done for him. She realised this and “then for a long time lay in the darkness” in sadness and in emotional pain (Nowlan 22). The cù mòr glas left the Man to have her puppies, but failed to return. Therefore when they reunited by chance, her size and force knocked the Man underneath her. Her puppies, now grown, “misunderstood” her body language and attacked him (MacLeod 569). The cù mòr glas tried

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