Skoda Strategic Plan

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Skoda Auto Vision Statement
To have the biggest market share in Europe by looking for extraordinary solutions those satisfy extraordinarily demanding customer.
Skoda Auto Mission Statement:
To provide quality sales, service and transportation needs for our customers. This is and will be accomplished through a dedicated team of employees whose number one goal is customer satisfaction along with a management team whose responsibility is to ensure employee satisfaction, and customer enthusiasm.
Three basic value of the Skoda brand are:
Intelligence – We continuously seek innovative technical solutions and new ways in which to care for and approach the customers that are most important for us. Our conduct toward the customers is
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The philosophy of Skoda Auto is to become the biggest employer in the region and places the human being at the core of attention and emphasizes the social responsibility of the company to its employees and the surroundings. We believe our commercial success is to operate the business on a basis of profitable financial growth, initiating innovative ways to improve the quality of the product and service, and create career opportunity for our employees.

External Factors
1. Growing automobile industry in Middle East by 9%, Southeast Asia by 14% and Africa by 8%.
2. By 2010, electronics are expected to account for nearly 40 percent of an average vehicle’s value.
3. The forecast for the market for new passenger cars in Russia is +11%.
4. Industry projection suggested that the strongest potential growth in automobile sales would be in the developing countries of Asia, South America, Eastern Europe, and Africa.
5. The French Market was expected to improve (+4.5 percent)
6. General Motors and Ford Motor regrouping.
7. Positive movement can be anticipated in the Polish (year on year growth of 2.0 percent) market.
8. Such substitute product as bicycles is being replaced by automobiles in many countries.

1. The global automobile industry has become intensely competitive with Toyota, Honda and Nissan attacking

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