Skorzeny's Secret Book Report

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The description written on the flaps of Skorzeny's Secret mission stated "(It) is a battler warning to Americans who habitually underestimate the strength and determination of our ruthless enemies". This statement does great justice to Skorzeny, one of the most decorated and achieved leaders in the Nazi Regime. He aided in the recapture of Mussolini, headed the "Secret Army", engineered the overthrow of the Hungarian government, helped lay out plans to bomb New York, and had almost won the Battle of the Bulge with his troop of commandos. Skorzeny gave his first hand accounts of several missions and even several personal encounters with the Fuehrer himself, Hitler. He had mostly focused on what had actually happened, he did include some of his personal frustrations when the government had not aided him with more supplies, but this was a quiet undertone as compared to the rest of the book. The only sharp spikes of emotion that showed through were when he recounted his meetings with Hitler, where he expressed his awe and nervousness at the encounter. This book allows readers to experience many crucial missions…show more content…
It had not added much to the historical field, most of the plans for the rescue of Mussolini, bombing of New York, and outcome of the Battle of the Bulge were well known and researched. What Skorzeny had added to the field, however, was a more social aspect to the order on the Nazi side, as well as a more personal account with Hitler. However, it is deeply entertaining for any demographic, it had actually offered many surprises. The readability of the events was not overly technical, but had just enough that it allowed someone to feel as though they had actually been there. Overall, it had mostly added a personable feeling to the enemies that otherwise would not be obvious to anyone who was simply researching by
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