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Sky Air Inc.: Business Ethics Case Brock A. Reeves University of St. Thomas Summary of the Case Study Sky Air Inc. was an airline with its head office in Idaho Falls. It came into being in 1986. Its founder, Samuel Kaplan, was once an air force mechanical engineer. Apart from his engineering background, Mr. Kaplan was also a talented golf player. Having been born and brought up in Idaho Falls, Kaplan found out that there was a gap in the airline industry there. He believed that the region needed an extra carrier bearing in mind that the only airline, Vixenne Air, was performing poorly. Other problems related to the services offered by Vixenne Air included ineffective services to the customers and violations of the air safety…show more content…
Sub Problems The offer of $6 million raised other problems for Mr. Kaplan as he seemed unwilling to take the amount. He was not sure whether to sell the whole firm, negotiate to have the buyer increase the amount if he increased the percentage of the shares or come up with other strategies to generate extra income. It was the main case that raised the three subproblems among others such as his sales strategy. Additionally, if Kaplan were concerned with extra liquidity, he could have forgone the idea of adding an extra car and another company apartment. Main Players The main entities in the case were Sky Air Inc. and Thyestean Ventures’ officials. The Chief Executive Officer of Sky Air Inc., Samuel Kaplan, and Thyestean Ventures’ managing partner, Stacy Simms, were the two main characters who drove the case. In this case, Kaplan had the task of promoting his company to ensure that it maximizes its profits. He was solely responsible for all the operations of the company as well as forming partnerships when a need arose. Mr. Kaplan was branded as a hard working entrepreneur, having grown a business from scratch. He knew that he would have to make this sound decision on his own. Stacy Simms had the responsibility to Thyestean Ventures to incur minimal expenses and maximize shareholders wealth. Models of Business Ethics In this case, a good model of business ethics would include the plus model of decision-making. According to the model, it is
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