Sky View High School Clock Analysis

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The clock is ticking. My heart is beating so hard that I can feel it clear down in my toes. Kahoots light, bubbly, and overly obnoxious music surrounds the room. Never before have I participated in a closer round of Kahoot. When the clock runs out the leader on the board wins a whole mini kitkat. Wow. I know, what a great prize. As the clock ticks down I can feel my body temperature rise. 5...4...3...I am now standing in front of my table along with many others in the room. 2...1...No! Once again Sky Views internet has timed out due to the lack of updated technology. Sky View High School is a high functioning school filled with technology. It has had access to PC labs, chromebooks, iPads, and other technologies for ten plus years. For…show more content…
Each chromebook lab can hold up to forty different machines at one time, while other labs - such as the iPads - vary dependant upon the individual classes needs. The Dell Optiplex 790 PC computer was released on the market in 2011 and brought to Sky View in 2015. The Sky View PC lab run by Marsha Larson contains 70 of them while the career center, managed by Heather Berentzen, holds approximately 50. So if you were to add up all of the technology available for student use - excluding the iPads because they are for special use only - that leaves students and faculty with 400 PCs and Chromebooks to support the 1,709 students that attend Sky View High School. If you were to break it down even further, to schedule the career lab it is preferred that you have a career based activity prepared upon use. So that can take another 50 PC units away from the shortage of technology already at hand. According to Marsha Larson, a common occurring problem is when a teacher gets denied from her lab due to overbooking. The teachers next step would be to then book a chromebook lab. But if there are no current chromebook labs accessible at that point, they can then attempt to schedule time in the career center which is the least likely available
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