Skyforger By Sampo Poem

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It is presented in this musical composition as an allegory of all the innovation and comforts of the modern world: by solving all of the basic needs of its owner, the Sampo turns him into an apathetic and lazy figure, which doesn’t rely anymore on his capabilities. The Sampo is the perfect metaphor for the machine, whose work is inexorably replacing that of mankind.
In the 1970’s progressive rock also drew inspiration from the verses of the Kalevala. A Finnish band by the same name was the first to be active in the genre, and was pretty popular in those years as a live-band. Their line-up was constantly changing, though, and their luck ended when one of their members, Matti Kurkinen, died in a car accident. After that shocking event, the
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The track Silver Bride reminds of the maiden of Pohjola, Ilmarinen’s beloved, whose hearth he tries to conquer in the verses of the Kalevala. The narration is from the perspective of a single character and echoes different parts of the poem, relying on the structure of Tales from the Thousand Lake. The sound is more melodic and folk-rock than the other albums, making Skyforger the most commercial work of the Finnish band.
The artwork of The Beginning of Times features the cosmic egg from which Väinämöinen is born. Released in 2011, the album offers all the musical elements introduced in all the previous works, summarised in one single masterpiece. In this album the band praises Väinämöinen as the iconic hero of Finnish mythology in the same way Lönnrot did in his epic poem.
It is quite likely that the author of the Kalevala himself would have never imagined the potential influence of the poem on the various branches of Finland's cultural life, especially the music. The most representative work of Finnish literature and the most remarkable beacon of the ancient traditions of the Finns had been an important source of inspiration for musicians inside, and outside, the Finnish territory, and it’s outstanding charm will hopefully be passed on to the next
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