Skylar Bull: Case Study

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I, Jodi Tuscana am writing this letter in reference to the child custody issue involving Demario Means and Kimberli Bull, parents of Skylar Bull. I would like to do everything I can to make sure Demario is not allowed custody of Skylar due to his abusive and controlling nature, along with his family being connected to drug dealing in the local areas and Las Vegas. I have known Demario since around January 2015, ever since my younger sister Kimberli had started having a relationship with him she has changed in character dramatically for the worse. She started losing a noticeable amount of weight, she no longer could care about her appearance due to him controlling what she was allowed to wear, communication with her became nonexistent, she was never in the house because he wanted her to constantly be under his watch, and he also traumatized my youngest sister, Amee Bull, by abusing Kimberli in front of her while they were at our…show more content…
After she found out she was pregnant with Skylar, we all feared the worst, and that was him killing the baby while still in the womb or Kimberli. Kimberli had told me he would not allow her to celebrate her birthday in January 2016. Shortly after that is when he had abused her and she had enough due to fear for him hurting Skylar. Kimberli was then moved back home and that is where she and Skyler now resides. A smoke free secured home where both are safe. Kimberli has already started a career and has had her job for three consecutive years. Since Kimberli has been back home, our mother's car was broken into and she is constantly watched by a multiple people presently at random times outside of her workplace. They have had to install a home security system for extra
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