Skyline R34 Research Paper

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Skyline R34 There are many cars that get imported to the United States and there's one that just isn't allowed. The United States does not allow the Nissan Skyline because it does not pass some requirements that the U.S is asking for. Also this car isn't legal here in the United States because the government says that it too fast for cop cars. This car has been illegal for several of years now and if we can just legalise it we can make a good amount of money to help build better communities. We can make more parks more hospitals more clinics and so on so forth. Many people have the money to buy the Nissan Skyline R34 but they don't want to because it too pricey do all the relegations on it. The amount of money that you'll probably spend on this car for it to be legalise is around 60,000 to 80,000 dollars. In Canada the day that they legalize the Skyline they sold out only in a couple of hours. Many people love this car and would do anything just to get one. The only reason why this car isn't legal here in the United States is because the government doesn't enough manpower to inspect the vast majority of inbound cargo shipments.…show more content…
If we had a limit to the upgrades for the car so it won't be too fast then the cops would be able to catch up with it. The 0-60 on the Nissan Skyline R34 is 4.6 just like a Chevrolet Camaro. If this car is as fast as Camaro and the Camaro is legal here in the United States then should so the Skyline
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