Slac Team Work Experience

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My work experience at SLAC was definitely a unique one. Everything was on point from Diedre’s phone call about the interview to when I started the internship. I really appreciated Diedre for always keeping us informed of the status of the internship. The HR team were always on top with their stuff: the paper works, the background checks, setting up the interviews, and just simply making sure that we had everything we needed once we started on our first day. It was a privileged to be a part of the OCFOs team. Although I enjoyed taking the inventory of the content on OCFO’s website and SharePoint site, what I really enjoyed was talking with SMEs to determine the status of the content. Even though most of the conversations were about the status…show more content…
When I was talking to the main SME from the budget office, he was unsure about most of the contents on their SharePoint site. He would often make assumptions on some of the contents without consulting with the owner of the page or who was in charge of that particular page. For example, Person 1 told me that all the documents before 2013 on the budget office could be archived; however, when I talked to person 2 (this page was his specialist), he told me that he would like to still keep documents from 2005 because he is still using it for historical references. This happened a couple of times with the budget office. In my opinion, there is a lack of interaction and awareness of other people’s job within the budget office. As for the SCM team, I know that one of the SMEs was frustrated because someone with permission was able moved their documents from one place to another. He would preferred if that person did not have permission to their site so that it will not cause any confusion later on. For some people, they believe that not everybody should have permissions to certain sites; this will only cause discrepancy and confusion for the team. I think it is really beneficial if there was meeting to reorganize permissions to certain sites as well as discussing the contents within each
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