Slack Off Research Paper

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I am a slacker. There is no possible way I will deny that. In some ways, slacking off is both a good thing and a bad thing. I will admit that I love slacking because I don't have to worry about anything that is so important and that I can only focus on my video games. It's true. Every time I'm at home, I play video games and slack off. Every time I am in school, I slack off and feel like that I shouldn't do my work at all. That's what most slackers feel like. They feel like they shouldn't do anything that feels important with the exception of video games.
What is my advice for future students? Do not become a slacker. That's the only advice I can give. What are the main reasons? First, slacking off is not a good thing depending on how you look at it. Slacking off can drive you away from your school work and you will definitely not graduate from high school and you will most likely not get a good job because you didn't go to college. The second reason is that slacking off will get you nowhere. School is the most important thing in your life and slacking off will not help that in any way. You need to graduate in order to have a job and in order to get money so that you can buy what every you want. Finally, slacking off will not help your family members. Let's say that you have chores to do. You were asked to wash the dishes, cut the grass, clean your room and many other things. You feel like the chores are of no importance so you slack off and play video games all the long. If you slack off, you can't help your parents around the house or do
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My message is this: if you care about your life, if you care about your school work, if you care about anything in your life that isn't about video games, you shouldn't slack off. Think about that for quite a while and see if slacking off will do anything in your life, even see if slacking off will improve or decrease your future in any way
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