Slack Operations Management

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Housekeeping manual Designing and managing the operation [pic] Sammie van Oort 573529 Table of contents Chapter 1, Operations management 3 Chapter 2, The strategic role and objectives of operations 6 Chapter 3, Operations strategy 8 Chapter 4, Process design 10 Chapter 5, The design of products and services 13 Chapter 6, Supply network design 15 Chapter 7, Layout and flow 17 Chapter 8, process technology 18 Chapter 9, job design and work organization 19 Chapter 10, The nature and planning of control 20 Chapter 11, Capacity planning and control 22 Chapter 12, Inventory planning and control 23 Chapter 13, Supply chain planning and control 24 Chapter 14, enterprise resource planning (ERP)…show more content…
All operations produce products and services by changing inputs into outputs. The most important difference between the two operations is the nature of their inputs. One set of inputs to any operations processes are transformed resources >> usually mixture of: • Materials; transform physical properties, change location/possession or store materials • Information; transform information properties, change possession/location of information • Customers; change physical properties, store customers, transform location or physical state. Transforming resources: the resources that act upon the transformed resources, usually classified as facilities(buildings, equipment, plant of an operation) and staff (people who operate, maintain and manage the operation). Outputs from the process The major difference between products and services is in their respective tangibility. Products are usually tangible, services intangible. Services produced in a ‘pure’ products producer are called facilitating services. Products produced in a ‘pure’ services producer are called facilitating products. Prêt a manger both manufactures and sells its sandwiches; it therefore produces both products and services. All operations are service providers who may produce products as a means of serving their customers. Operations management is important for all organizations. Any operation is made up of a collection of processes, interconnecting with
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