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Introduction The Slade Company was a small but prosperous manufacturer of metal products designed for industrial application. It was located in central Michigan with 500 employees. The plating department of Slade had formed certain informal team in which some employees had dishonest behaviors. In this paper, we will discuss Slade’s external environment, central problem, alternatives, analysis, and finally give some recommendation. External Environment Competitive Market Slade’s competitive market is metal product market. It can be analyzed with the Porter’s Five Forces Model: risk of entry by potential competitors, rivalry among established companies, the bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers, and threat of…show more content…
Certain members of the department tended to seek each other out during the free time on and off the job. These informal associations were built upon common activities and shard ideas about what was and what was not legitimate behavior in the department. Central Problems There are several problems at Slade. The major problem was the dishonesty among the Sarto’s group members in the Plating Department. They abused the “punch-in and punch-out system” for those who wanted to leave early or arrive late. One of the group’s members stayed late and punched the time cards of other members and helped gain them free time without pay loss. This operation of staying late rotated (Slade, 1995). They tried to do this in order to make more “overtime” salary. The other problem is that the employees who were not members of the informal teams were excluded. Pearson and Herman were the non-members of the groups. Pearson work harder than anyone else in the department. However, almost no one criticized his effort. He was even expelled by the Tony’s team. “Tony and his group seemed to feel a distant affection for Bob, but the only contact they or anyone else had with him consisted of brief greetings” (Slade, 2005). On the other hand, Herman was the least hard working employee. He was not understood by the group. None of the members sought for Herman’s help. He never really got involved into the group, and he expressed that he preferred keep distant from the people in his department

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