Slade'slade: A Short Story

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It had been a very long day, but now I sit at rest. Today was the first day Slade took me out to ride. I was relaxing in the garage before he came up the sidewalk and rolled me up into the trailer and then we left. It was awhile before we arrived but I was with the other two so I was fine. We arrived at the place and there were courses, but on those courses there were other people who were really good. It scared me cause I could not do that yet, but I would have nothing to worry about. We were unloaded and set up, Slade got a helmet on and the he had started me. We started off in a curvy circle of dirt and warmed up, then we hit the strait away. After a few laps, more like a lot, we went over and took a break. After the break Slade and
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