Slam, Dunk and Hook, and Fast Break

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In the poems "Slam, Dunk and Hook" by Yusef Komunyakaa and "Fast Break" by Edward Hirsch, the authors describe the sport of basketball in their own views. Depending on where you are, people view basketball differently. Basketball may be a mans best friend. The court may be a home for some. In these poems, the authors view the game of basketball entirely different. The correspondence amidst a player and the game of basketball is key in these poems, for it may be distinct depending one where you live and how you view the game. Both authors have a contrasting rhythm that contemplate the rate of the sport. In Edward's poem, there are not many commas or periods. Reading through it, it flows gently. Hirsch's view on the game is how gently it is. When the player goes up and down the court, the ball dribbles slowly. It also shows how the game is slow and swifts thoroughly. The poem is chopped down into many into small units showing how a basketball team is divided by players. In Yusef's poem, the lines are going by fast. He uses numerous amounts of commas and periods. The periods and commas show how fast the heart of a player beats on the court. Yusefs view of the ball bouncing is fast paced and rapid. Players here are tough and energetic, while in Hirsch's poem, the players tend to relax more and play with such elegance. Both poets show love and compassion for the game, but both poets…

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