Slang Is So Popular With The Younger Generations

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The way in which we speak changes drastically depending on the situation, environment we are in and who we are speaking to. The use of slang in today’s society is increasingly becoming more and more common. However, this new, modern way of speaking also comes with negative connotations. For this reason, people have had to learn to adapt their speech to their situation. I will be discussing the reasons behind the use of slang, why some people disapprove of it and I will analyse how people change the way in which they speak depending on their situation. Many young people use slang in order to fit in with their peers. Because slang is mainly spoken by younger people, the use of it almost puts up a barrier between children and adults. This barrier gives the youth a sense of rebellion. This may be one of the reasons why slang is so popular with the younger generations, this feeling gives them a sense of freedom and independence. Additionally, this may also be one of the reasons why many people disapprove of the use of slang. Some people believe that the use of slang suggests bad manners and morals, this leads to them distrusting people who use slang. People also believe that the common use of slang is causing the deterioration of Standard English. This can cause many problems in society because it is easy for assumptions to be made about people because of the way they speak. For this reason, the younger generation have learnt to adapt the way they speak around different…
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