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Even though Slanket counts with a much smaller promotional budget, it is clear that the company wants to position itself as a better quality sleeved blanket following a long-term strategy that will overcome fads and imitators.
As we can see in the Exhibit 3 provided by the case, Slanket was already ranked with 5 stars in 86,7% of the cases while Snuggie only got a 21,6% of 5 stars ratings. Furthermore, the product was warmer, bigger and offered a wider variety of colors. So we can conclude that Slanket product perception is already better and the main issues are to increase promotional investment and to better canalize potential customers in order to increase market share.
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2. Positioning
Sleeved blankets are perceived as a product for “couch potatoes” and lonely people disloyal to the American values. In addition to this perception, Slanket’s website, as well as most of the content uploaded on the Internet and many commercials, have an ironic and funny tone which make customers embarrassed of admitting they like it.
I would strongly recommended Slanket to untie itself from this image and positioning by remodeling their website and making commercials that would emphasize its better quality, wider variety, and the social responsibility activities carried out by the company. Likewise, in order to represent the American values, they should advertise in sport events, or use themes such as fishing, hunting, BBQ’s, or any collective activity.
Since customers are asking for improvements, and in order to differentiate Slankets from Snuggies, they could introduce new materials for countries with different weathers, more colors, the option of personalizing it with the customer’s name, and the “couple Slanket”, to share it and to get far from the idea of loneliness that it is associated to the product.

3. Search engines and social media
It is clear that social media impact has been huge since the very first stages of the product. Slanket should continue with its Facebook fan pages to generate word-of-mouth and brand awareness about the new positioning of the product. It should encourage users to upload pictures of themselves

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