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Case Analysis: Slastyona Confectionary Problem statement The underlying issue is the introduction of compensation policies that would support Slastyona’s business strategy of rapid growth. Slastyona is willing to transform factory A into their flagship manufacturing site in Russia and in this region of the world, which would require changes in the compensation and benefits policies that are being applied. Taking into consideration the rapidly changing and complex environment in Russia, it is important pay and HR policies to be implemented that would allow Slastyona to attract, retain and motivate high performing individuals, in order to fulfill its objective to make Factory A state-of-the-art factory. The process of introducing…show more content…
W.W stated that communist working practices are still being used at Factory A, which differ significantly from those of INTERCHOC. Altering people’s attitude and behavior is extremely difficult and requires a lot of time and patience. This holds true especially in Russia, a country which has been ruled by communists for many years and introduced practices and beliefs, which are still deeply rooted into people’s minds and values. Therefore, cultural changes at Factory A cannot happen overnight and substantial efforts have to be put in training programs. Successful re-orientation, as we found out from The New Bedford Whaling Museum case, requires an enthusiastic, energetic, visionary leader, who has a long-term focus and is able to build teams and get people involved. In my opinion Wilton Winchester doesn’t possess the required qualities to lead the strategic change, which is obviously needed at Factory A. He is a complete opposite of Anne Brengle, who successfully managed to revitalize the museum and make it a leading whaling education and preservation center. Factory A General Manager is not interested what the factory will be like in the future. According to him the primary objective of the factory is to produce chocolates, which implies that he is short-focused and unaware of the problems that it will face with hiring and retaining qualified staff, unless profound

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