Slated by Teri Terry

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Slated is a novel which questions the concepts of terrorism and governmental control. I think this was a relevant topic choice because there is a worldwide problem of terrorism, as well as a small amount of governments misusing there power.

Slated is a novel which is well written on an intriguing concept. The author, Teri Terry, questions topics that we don’t usually think about. These concepts are mainly terrorism and governmental control.

Slated tells us the story of someone who has undergone the process of Slating. The society revolves around the act of Slating, the process of removing someone’s memories. The government in the novel are misusing their control, not staying with the official rules they had set. The process of Slating was no longer a way to remove criminals; it was a way for those in power to choose the people they wanted, and how those people would act. Slating is not an idea which everyone agrees with. There are people who are against the process so much they are prepared to set bombs, killing innocents.

The novel is set around 15 years after the Coalition government was formed. When two parties, supporting opposite beliefs came together. One side supported harsh punishments of criminals, whilst the other wanted these criminals to be given a second chance. The concept of Slating was a compromise that researchers accidently came across. As time went by the government began to abuse the power they held. The process of Slating no longer…

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