Slaughter Is The Violent Killing Of A Large Number Of People

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Slaughter. As defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary, slaughter is the violent killing of a large number of people. Synonyms including; bloodbath, butchery, carnage, death, holocaust, massacre. I, for one, hate this ugly word. It causes several things to come to mind when I hear it muttered: The Holocaust, genocide, death, all of the repulsive and vial occurrences of the world summed in one word. It 's a grim topic, and most certainly one that doesn 't occur in the US anymore, right? After all, one of the world’s leading super powers couldn’t possibly be dealing with a magnanimous amount of bloodshed on our lands. Am I correct? Well, what if I told you that over 3.7 billion farm animals are killed every year in the United States for food. The ongoing slaughter of billions of animals a year, with little thought or consideration to the inhumane abuse that these animals experience, is a saddening truth that shouldn’t be a fact today. Many say that the process of farming today is a marvel, with the fact that we can feed an entire nation so quickly. There is no famine, no lack of food at any time. It is a marvel we can create such a method that is so effective to feed thousands a day and I would agree if animals that are killed for food weren’t treated like a machine on an assembly line. Several companies, like Perdue, make claims that their animals are treated righteously, live happy, and healthy lives, however, the movie Food Inc. sheds light on how corporate business has

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