Slaughterhouse Industry

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Industry Study

Project Description

A. Basic Project Information
B. Project Location
C. Project Rationale
D. Alternative
E. Description of Project Phases
F. Baseline Environment Condition
G. Impact Assessment and Mitigation
H. Environment Management Plan
I. Proposal for an Environmental Monitoring and Guarantee Fund

Attachment of Annexes

A. Photos or Plates of Proposed Project
B. Impact Areas, Affected and Communities
C. Maps of the following Scale
D. Permit to Operate Certificate
E. E. Result of Physical and Chemical Analysis of Water and Wastewater


Davao City slaughterhouse is located at Ma-a, Davao City. The operations are limited to the night shift. The delivery of animals will
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The offal's shall be carried ( hand ) through the maintenance of the Offal Manager to the Offal cleaning table. Guided by the board tally, the Offal manager shall assign particular offal to particular table. The cleaned shall be placed in a pre-numbered pan. The pan to be used for particular offal shall bear the number of animals. And lastly, is the delivery of the animals.

The operation in Ma-a slaughterhouse generates wastes of different types:


• Intestines
• Gallbladders
• Horns
• Manure
• Hair and bristles
• Meat trimmings
• Rejected carcasses
• Other organs


• Urine
• Blood
• Wash water


• Odor
• Condensates

The Ma-a slaughterhouse has three ponds, the aerobic pond, anaerobic pond, and the facultative pond, which are used for the wastewater. There is also a sludge drying bed for the sludge.

The solid wastes generated are just disposed in a nearby dumpsite or within the area, which then creates foul odor. Some solid wastes like bones and coagulated bloods are sold as fertilizers. Uncollected bloods are directly thrown to floor drains.

B. Project Location

Davao City slaughterhouse is located at Ma-a Davao City. The industry is isolated into the community of Ma-a District and has a fence all over the area. It occupies about 10,000 sq. meters of land and is isolated with the residential areas. It drains its waste through the waste water system of Davao City. That's why a minimal area is only affected with
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