Slave Living Conditions

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Living Conditions of Slaves The living conditions for slaves in the United States depended on the slave, the owner, and where they were located. Most of the time is just depended on the owner and how he treated his slaves, how hard he made them work and how he felt about them.
Slaves were not unwilling to work for their owners, but in return they wanted the owner to take care them for working for the owner. For slaves a nice warm meal and a full belly was the most important thing. If they had a decent meal breakfast lunch or dinner then they did not mind doing hard work for the owner. During the 18th century, the “plantain” became a very important food in the lowlands. This was due to large coffee plantations which grew a plant called the “coffee mama” to provide shade for small coffee plants. These “coffee mama” plants often produced a lot of “plantains” and so slaves sold them to neighbors to get a little extra money for their needs. The planters came to prefer this food because it required little work and had a lot of
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most of them did not have any furniture at all. The fireplace was in the middle of the cabin and there was no chimney, so you would have to have the door open in order for the smoke to clear out. They lay around the fire on two or three boards, lifted above the ground. Plaited mats served as mattresses. They used a block of wood for a pillow. Some slaves used a hammock instead, but only a few would have been able to afford such a luxury, because these had to be bought from Indians and cost about 25 guilders -a fortune for the average slave. Most bondsmen also owned a couple of iron and earthenware pots, calabashes and a chest to store their Sunday finery in. Some fortunate plantation slaves lived in comfortable cabins depending on how much money they make and what their owner will give them or let them build. some slaves could enjoy a proper bed, curtains, tables, chairs and even
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