Slave Men Were Needed For Labour Wok Essay

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Slave men were needed for labour wok. Many slave women were required to keep the slave men, or slave owner men, company and as domestic and plantation workers, and were therefore not pitied or seen as being that weak. They also were seen as producers of the next generation of slaves, and was therefore mainly raped and abused by many masters. On average, a woman would have her first child at twenty years old. Salve women were also seen as not having high morals and as they were the property of the slave owner men then they could do what they like to them, and therefore it was not seen as rape. It was often also the case that white slave owner women would prostitute their women slaves to white men. Although men were more likely to flee, the lives enslave women led were mostly the reasons why they rebelled and attempted to escape from their lives; however, either would suffer worse consequences if or when they were captured as it was an offence to rebel against slavery. Slave women did all kinds of work, depending on their age or health, as did the slave children. The children under twelve years old cleaned the fields. Those over 12 years old were given light workloads to do, unless they were sick or the girls were pregnant or just had a child; some masters were malicious enough to make their pregnant slave women work even harder during pregnancy. Those that were sixteen years old and upwards did the heavy workload, while the elderly women supervised all the others. Slave women
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