Slave Oppression

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Slave Oppression
During the 19th century, slavery was an extremely dehumanizing period. The complete control over another human being’s life brought many hardships and disappointments. Families were separated and, for African-Americans, the slave era was extremely depressing. Slaves were often beaten, or killed for the simple incompletion of a task. Women had no rights and were used for cooking, for cleaning, and for the creation and nurturing of babies. There were often instances of lynching and burnings of African-Americans simply because of their skin color. Slavery is uniquely American because it plays a major role of the formation of The United States today. During this time period, slave masters had the complete control over a
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Mr. Norton is putting pressure on the Invisible Man by explaining the significance of the Invisible Man’s success. Ralph Ellison uses the IM to demonstrate the difficulty of equal treatment, even though the IM is a college student. There is no leniency or respect for the Invisible Man because he is African American. The IM experiences many struggles, but Ernest Gaines demonstrated the same idea of struggle in The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman.
Similar to the IM, Jane Pittman faces the struggle of freedom when the Proclamation was passed freeing slaves. Unc Isom, a man that is considered an advisor to the other slaves on the plantation. He asks, “What’s we to do?”(Gaines 13) as a result of the blacks not knowing how to live a life of freedom. Jane Pittman attempts to go to Ohio with Ned, but she soon realizes they did not have anywhere to stay, nor was she able to provide for Ned or herself. As a result, she decides to stay at the plantation. Earnest Gaines is demonstrating the immediate struggle of free African Americans because they do not know how to operate outside of an oppressive society as he “becomes increasingly concerned with black history and black community” (Hicks). He uses Unc Isom early in the book to capture the reader’s attention to the robotic mindset the blacks carry. Unc Isom is a man in his eighty’s that knew only the life of a slave. He is trapped in the slave mentality
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