Slave Trade

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In previous years, most Africans who have came to America were slaves who were purchased through the international slave trade. White colonists viewed Africans as uncivilized and ‘turned to the international slave trade to fill their labor needs.’ The white English settlers knew nothing of any other culture; people were thought to be white or Christian, anything else was ‘uncivilized’. Slavery served for two purposes; a labor system and racial control in a white country.

The slave trade was important in building the colonial empires of European nations and in creating the wealth that later produced the Industrial Revolution. Africans were being Europeanized and at the same time European Americans were being Africanized. The slave trade
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When the English slave trade was given to individual entrepreneurs, it grew greatly.

Most slaves that came to English North America were from West Africa and most were still enslaved in Angola. Slave activities in these areas were responsible for the population decrease. Once slaves were captured, they would march to the sea in lines, like a train of people fastened together. Men, women, children marched for weeks; some even attempted to commit suicide or die of hunger and exhaustion. When they arrived to their destinations, they were placed in prison until it was time to be inspected. The ‘good’ slaves were separated from the ones who were imperfect; those rejected were called Mackrons. This type of treatment was necessary because it’s the process at which the slaves are selected and bargained for. The psychological process attempted to take away their self-respect and the identities of the slaves. After a purchase was made, the slave would be marked with a hot iron signifying the company whom purchased him or her, whether the Spanish, English, French, Dutch, or Portugese. They would return to their area until a cargo would arrive. Some slaves would arrive in canoes to the ships in the harbors. Most slaves would drown themselves. The stay on the ship was brutal, if a slave would get sick on the voyage; they would be thrown off the

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