Slavery, A World History

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A labor system that had previously existed throughout history, in many instances and most countries is known as slavery. So what exactly is it? How did slavery begin? And what does it mean in our world today? These are complex questions that are often asked and, possibly, by understanding the forms it takes and the roles such slaves perform. What daily life is like for those enchained and what can be done to end this demeaning practice may help in answering those questions. It is known that slavery is a system under which people are treated as property to be bought, sold and are forced to work. It is also known that slavery was established in the history and economy of most countries. Even though it prospered during some periods and …show more content…
These in gatherings of foreign people went on for centuries. The effect, not only decreased the total number of people subjected to this, it also brought about a number of changes in the way the slaves were treated and in the way people viewed it.
The author indicates that no matter what the form of production or the type of trade, slaves have always been involved in nearly everything. Many slaves had the experience and the skills with figures, languages and trade and it is hard to know in detail how the Roman slaves lived. He also notes, nonetheless, that we can only piece together fragments of information from several sources. For example, the Roman literature that exists does not contain slave autobiographies. But, Roman law tells something of how slaves were treated, what they and their owners could or could not do and what punishments they risked for breaking the law. Another example, are the inscriptions on monuments honoring the deaths of slaves owned by the rich and noble Roman families, but these just give the bare facts of names and duties. Furthermore, epitaphs that have been carved on stones or tablets have sometimes recorded the sorrow and pride one had for the loss of a slave they loved. And finally, the writings of philosophers and literary men, of which, the attempt to trace changes in society’s attitudes toward the practice of slavery.
The Civil War ended slavery in the United States, but in many other areas of the world this practice

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