Slavery : An Important Part For The Historical Development Of The United States

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Slavery was legally recognized as an important part in the historical development of the United States. There was undying need for cheap labor, cutting trees, tending to the plantations and farms, picking crops, fishing, and other industries. The roots of slavery go back as far as 1600’s hundreds when the slavery was masked under the term of indentured servants who, whether they came from Europe or Africa, would work for a period of time and then leave whenever the time was up. With time, the structure of servitude has changed and, in 1641, the slavery became legally recognized and Africans started being slaves for life. In 1800’s, an abundance of natural resources and pleasant climate made the South more economically developed and producing region than the North and, therefore, in the South the demand for workforce was more prominent than ever The Southern whites’ believed that the slavery was a “positive good”. They needed slavery to maintain their lifestyle, slow and luxurious. They wanted a lady of the house to have a helping girl and a master of the house to have a butler who would cater to his every whim. As Henry William Ravenel wrote in “A Slave Owner’s Journal at the End of the War”, whites “were right in maintaining the relation of master & slave for the good of the country & also for the benefit of the negro”. They thought that the slaves “have grown up under [us], they look to [us] for support, for guidance & protection”. They called slaves “mere…
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