Slavery : An Unnatural Doctrine

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Abstractly, an unnatural doctrine utilized to reinstate supremacy and power has become one of mankind’s biggest anomalies. Slavery, defined as the practice of ownership of a people or persons, has proclaimed itself to be a prevalent institution in the history of the Americas, considering its duration spanned over centuries. The manipulation and application of race was used to categorize mankind into levels of humanity based on different pigmentations of the skin, with the level of humanity decreasing as the darkness of the skin increased. This simplistic theory was used as pseudoscientific evidence to subdue the African population of the Americas to bondage. And, although this type of slavery is thought to be bygone in the western hemisphere, it is still pervasive in one of its most historical forms: the subjugation of the black population to supreme white society − perhaps not physically, but mentally. Thought by many to be a physical institution, slavery has proved to be much more than that; for if slavery was merely physical, the African population in the Americas would have been able to restore itself economically, socially, culturally, intellectually, etc. within a generation of abolition. Rather, modern society, has suspended much of its capabilities to a culture centuries old with the intention of establishing longevity in white supremacy. Juan Francisco Manzano, in his autobiography, outlines the extent of physical trauma that he endured through his life as a
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