Slavery And Independence : The Framework Of The Civil War

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Slavery and Independence: The Framework of the Civil War The American civil war was a game changer for the United States as it opened the doors for a new government, Constitution, and way of life. It was one of the first great wars fought after American independence and showcased the need for abolition of slavery as well as the recognition and sovereignty of the independent nation. This war was necessary for all of these things to take place, and there was a significant amount of conflict before the actual war in the nineteenth century. In fact, some people at the time were referring to it as an “irrepressible conflict” (Gunderson 915). The world was beginning to shift in a different direction in regards to society, and the United States was internally divided on the issues at hand. The American Civil War in was inevitable, and so was the Union victory that resulted; this was mainly due to internal conflict, independence, and slavery. The American Civil War was fought from 1861 to 1865 between the Union, which consisted of the Northern states, and the Confederacy, which was made up of the Southern states. Lincoln had been elected as the president of the United States by a majority vote from the Northern states, and Lincoln had been against slavery with abolition of slavery a large part of his political campaign (Guelzo 21). This angered the Southern states because they did not believe that Lincoln was interested in their well-being because he identified with the North. The
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