Slavery And Inhumane In America

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No human being deserves to have their pride and dignity stripped from them, because we all are equal and should be treated as such. America’s race relations history is everything, but pleasant. For example, when Africans were brought here in shackles to make their white slave masters money, and convert them to Christianity. Once slavery began, indentured servants weren’t in high demand, and slaves were more profitable because they worked for free their entire lives. Slavery was inhumane and unnecessary, because human beings were treated like their God given purpose was to make America money and do whatever else their master told them to. These helpless people were treated like objects that could be auctioned or killed if they didn’t obey. Even U.S. presidents felt that slaves couldn’t function on their own, because their color and ability wouldn’t allow it. This awful activity took the lives of millions, especially during the middle passage, because slaves were transported to America shackled and chained at the bottom of a ship. The decision to…show more content…
It is not against experience to suppose that varieties of the same species may possess different qualifications. This unfortunate difference of color, and perhaps of ability, is a powerful obstacle to the freeing of these people”.
Referring to slaves as these people, reveals Jefferson to be someone who only believed that the declaration of independence was reserved for whites and not people of color. Jefferson refers to blacks as inferior to whites, but blacks took care of them when they were sick and followed the Dr’s order and made their own remedies. Blacks cooked their meals, raised white children and black children together, and tend to their animals, while whites only sat around collected the money and used their power to degrade almost an entire race of
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