Slavery And Its Effects On Society

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The slaves did what they could in order to free themselves. It would be crazy to believe that slaves just accepted their fate to be slaves forever without doing anything to get out of bondage; saying so states that slaves did not have natural human reactions to basic situations. No matter what skin color, anyone will hate that they cannot sit down and eat dinner, or watch their family members be sold off like cattle, or would want to be whipped as punishment for not doing a job. In any situation, a person would want to get out of those situations even if it was helping others get out of bondage and not themselves. It is important to know what slaves had to go through, which pushed them to want to free themselves and others. Slaves ran away in order to escape the conditions of the plantations. For masters to be able to reclaim their slaves if they were to ever runaway, slaves were branded in obvious places on the body. Most commonly slaves were branded on their face like the jaw, cheek, or forehead. It was not uncommon for slave owners to post publically some descriptors of what their slave looked like whenever a slave would run away. Back in the middle 1800’s, those publications that acted like a missing person article mostly commented on the slave’s appearance and noting any scars on his or her face. With Before the Civil War, African Americans were not able to join the Army or Navy. Once Slaves in the south became free, most of the fled north to finally be able to
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