Slavery And Its Impact On America

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Slavery in America had a tight hold over the southern half. It was primarily located in the southern portion and African American slaves were held on large plantations and out in the fields. Some were even leased into the industrializing factories. Ever since slavery in America started, slaves were considered property. Every black person was a white persons “property”. Now American had a belief, a belief that every man were entitled to God-given rights. The rights could not be stripped from any man. The rights entitled you to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness (or property). The north was against slavery and wanted to either stop the spread of it to the new territories of the US or to just abolish slavery altogether. However slavery was tied deeply with the South’s economic status and development. Southern culture was very firm on keeping the institution of slavery and took every opportunity to defy the North’s efforts to make any changes or compromise. The South threatened to leave the union at every step. This was the root of where the Civil war would spring from. Not being able to reach a conclusion on the issue of slavery and the union staying as one. People against slavery and slaves themselves argues that since every man was entitled to their inalienable rights, then why didn’t those rights apply to them? The irony is that the United States of America advocated human liberty ever since the revolution that separated them from England, so they were familiar
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